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The Center of Mediation and Community Security Foundation is a NGO, independent and non-profit, established in 2000, member of Soros Open Network Romania. Its activity comprises of the institution and promotion of community politics and legislative initiatives, initiation of notifying campaigns in the field of community security, solving conflicts through alternative methods, mediation and negotiation, juridical assistance of the victims of violence and abuse, prevention and intervention in cases of domestic violence, child protection and preventing abuse on them, insuring child and young people’s protection against abuse, insuring the safety of children and young people, prevention of juvenile delinquency, education, short term courses for specialists from public institutions and ONGs.

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Partner HEDDA

The purpose of the HEDDA Foundation is to foster human rights, equality, democracy and development through artistic projects and programmes. The term “artistic projects” is to be understood in a broad sense and includes all art forms.

By initiating and supporting exceptional art and art projects internationally, the foundation wishes to foster democratic processes in relation to art projects and society at large. The foundation’s projects are based on cooperation with exceptional artists in different countries and regions, whose affiliation with and commitment to human rights, equality and development are evidence based and evidence oriented. In doing so, high-quality art and fair rights processes will be guaranteed.

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