Project Description

The project aims promoting the regional participation of the community in the protection of the victims of multiple discrimination, bringing together governmental institutions and NGOs to work in this field of activity, developing a comprehensive approach in assisting victims of multiple discrimination and promoting social change through the specialized instruction of 300 specialists from the Moldova region (members of the inter-departmental teams formed in each county, medico-legal medical doctors, emergency units doctors etc) and by holding permanent instruction modules with at least 300 participants – so that we can increase the awareness towards multiple discrimination, based on gender, ethnicity, age or disability among the professionals involved and improve their capacity to detect and prevent this phenomenon.

The project will contribute to promoting existing working instruments and developing new ones, especially for professionals working with victims of multiple discrimination, through the elaboration of a manual of good practices referring to Romania, donor countries and other European countries, performing a study concerning the implementation of the existing legislation, coordinating 6 sessions of dissemination of good practices from the donor countries and Romania and of a regional campaign that would include aspects of multiple discrimination.