New PLUS activities:

Workshop of good practices of Donor States;

– Visit of comparative analysis and elaboration regarding intervention of cases in multidisciplinary team;

– Suplementary training for family doctors;

– Selection and training of lawyers for pro bono juridical assistance;

– Selection of target group of new services of assistance of victims of gender based violence;

– Psychological assistance of victims of gender based violence;

-Juridical pro bono assistance of gender based violence;

– Elaboration of case studies of victims of gender based violence;

– Monthly multidisciplinary and multiinstitutional forums.


Studies and useful materials

A. Study for identification of specific needs for the target group regarding the approach of the victims of violence and, possibly, people discriminated based on gender, age, ethnicity, etc.
The study can be downloaded here

B. Study regarding the multiple discrimination of victims (collecting data, analysis, processing) based on the current legislations in Romania, European Union and the Donor States concerning the protection of violence victims, anti-discrimination actions; relevant case studies; conclusions; recommendations;
The study can be downloaded here

C. Elaboration of a manual of good practices on the approach of multiple discrimination
In order to better understand the models of good practice and of the new models proposed by the beneficiaries of the project as well as by the national experts, a number of 20 models of good practice will be documented by the partners involved in the project and presented as case-studies during the training sessions and by e-mail. Specialists from all organizations involved will work on these case-studies, based on each person’s expertise.
The manual can be downloaded here.

Campaigns and promoting events for the project in Iasi and the counties in the Moldova region

A.Campaign against the multiple discrimination of victims
The campaign aims to draw attention towards the violence and abuse to which the victims of violence are exposed and to aspects of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity and disability which double the vulnerable status of the victims of violence.
The online campaign can be accessed here

B. Official launching/promoting events, promoting studies and good practices manual, project concluding conference
To these events will be invited all institutions and organizations involved in approaching victims of violence and in negotiating cases of multiple discrimination from Iasi, Vaslui, Botosani, Suceava, Bacau, Neamt, Focsani and Galati counties.
The events calendar can be found here.


A. Regional training sessions for professionals from the region of Moldova
Organizing 4 regional training sessions, with participation of 300 specialists from the region of Moldova, of which 100 medical doctors from the medico-legal system, emergency hospitals and general practitioners and 200 members of inter-sectorial teams from the 8 counties (specialists who work with victims of violence and face cases of multiple discrimination – police officers, members of the departments for battling family violence activating in the general departments for social protection and child services, local authorities, personnel from shelters and centers for counseling victims and aggressors etc.). The base themes of discussion are: multiple discrimination phenomenon, causal explications for its persistence, working instruments, ways to prevent and intervene for the multidisciplinary team, communities’ role in prevention and battling discrimination, strategy in the multidisciplinary teams in victim assistance.

The training calendar can be found here.

For registration to the training sessions, please contact:
Coordination, training and medical target group selection expert – legal medicine MDs, emergency medicine MDs, general practice MDs – The Institute of Legal Medicine – Victor Jitaru, email
Coordination, training and professionals target group for specialized and permanent modules expert – Center of Mediation and Community Security Foundation – Alina Scanteie, email

B. Permanent training modules
Monthly permanent training sessions open for all professionals, including free training modules for all specialists, but also for law students, medical students, social studies students, volunteers, teachers and all people interested in the aspects of prevention and intervening in cases of multiple discrimination.

The calendar of the monthly training sessions can be found here