Objectives Project PLUS

Once the implementation period of the project has been approved, the initial objectives have been completed by the following:

-Increasing the capacity of experts/ volunteers to handle the beneficiaries’ needs

-increasing social inclusion by introducing a multidisciplinary case-coordination service under the supervision of a lawyer or psychologist

-Creating facilities/ communication instruments more adequate in order to shorten the duration and increase the efficiency of intervention, gathering the specialists from one county to work together on the same case

-a more efficient method for application/ spreading of methods/ instruments/ lessons thought – by documenting good practice models of direct victim support and presenting common case studies on the intervention in the 80 adult cases and 40 children cases newly introduced, which will facilitate the assimilation of the work methodology found in the current legislation (law nr 213/2003) and the corresponding application guidelines and, also, the preparation of the legislative modifications necessary in case Romania will ratify the Istanbul Convention in 2016.

-Involving adequate resources for the future with the purpose of continuing the activities/ services provided (human, financial etc) by training lawyers and psychologists in handling cases of domestic or gender-based violence, will contribute to the long term sustainability of community services

-Developing bilateral relations with people from the donor countries/ relevant international organizations, contributing to the increase of durability for the project/ results.


A) Increasing the ability to prevent and detect the phenomenon of multiple discrimination (based on gender, ethnicity, age or disability) and the degree of awareness among the specialists in the region of Moldova who get involved in assisting victims of violence based on gender, through the elaboration of a study of specific needs and specialized training, based on those needs, of 300 professionals (members of inter-sectorial teams formed in 8 counties, medico-legal medical doctors etc.) and the introduction of permanent regional training modules accessible to 600 participants in the implementation period of the project.

B) Increasing the degree of efficiency in protection of victims of gender-based violence subjected to multiple discrimination through improving the working instrument and actions of specialists who directly assist these victims, in the implementation period of the project, by printing a manual of good practice regarding involvement in cases of multiple discrimination and by elaboration of a study regarding the implementation of legislations from Romania, European Union and Donor Countries, which would help identifying the main obstacles and opportunities in the implementation of current legislation in this field

C) Increasing, by the end of the project, the degree of awareness of specialists from the region of Moldova and of the general people concerning the effects of multiple discrimination through an efficient regional campaign including an innovative communication strategy, creation of a visual identity with an impact on the general audience, creating and broadcasting of at least 2 radio messages, preparing and printing statements in the local and/or national press, organizing promoting events and press conferences, as well as the corresponding promotional materials.