Target group – Project PLUS

The number of beneficiaries will increase as follows:

-Selecting and training of 20 lawyers from the region of Moldova among which 8 will be chosen to offer pro-bono services for the victims of violence and who’s activity will be supervised

-2 days workshop (good practices seminar with the participation of an expert from Hedda Foundation) with an attendance of at least 40 participants/ day of workshop among which at least 20 psychologists – the will have the chance to be trained in the methods intervention in cases they encounter in their activity and will be able to apply new intersectorial work strategies

-training session for 60 medical doctors, from the legal medicine system,  emergency care system, general practitioners and other medical personnel, from all 8 counties covered by the project – divided in 3 groups of 20 participant each

Complementary with the activities of training and assisting victims from psychological and juridical perspective – the number of direct beneficiaries, victims of gender-based violence,  as follows:

-80 people victims of gender based violence – young girls and adult omen from the region of Moldova

-40 children who’s mothers are directly involved in domestic violence.

Target group

Criteria and methods of beneficiary selection

Target group selection: there will be held 6 official promoting events to which invitations will be sent to all institutions and organizations involved in the approach of cases of violence and confronted with cases of multiple discrimination from Iasi, Vaslui, Botosani, Suceava, Bacau, Neamt, Focsani and Galati counties. For the counties with a lesser participation, there will be held 1 event for 2 counties (ex Focsani and Galati, Bacau and Neamt, etc.)

For the training sessions, we will select 300 specialists from the region of Moldova (8 counties) assigned as follows:

A. 100 medical doctors from legal medicine system and emergency care system from the 8 counties – for each training session, we will select 25 MDs, with an average of 12-13 per county, in the order of expressing the intent to participate and time availability for the period of time projected.

B. 200 members of inter-sectorial teams from the 8 counties – specialists who work with victims of violence and face cases of multiple discrimination – police officers, members of the departments for battling family violence activating in the general departments for social protection and child services, ONGs with interest in this field, local authorities, personnel from shelters and centers for counseling victims and aggressors etc. The selection of these participants will be made as follows: for each training session, 50 participants from 2 counties (average of 25/county); these 50 participants (divided in 2 groups of 25) should be: at least half from the governmental sector and the rest from ONGs

The selection of the target group will be made following these criteria:

• Balanced number of participants from each county.
• Balanced number of participants from the perspective of sex, age, professional training, working environment (urban/rural)
• Balanced number of participants from each professional category – to allow working in teams from a multi-sectorial perspective

In the selection process, priority will be given to participants from areas with high percentage of Roma population, at least 10 participants being selected based on this criterion for each session.

The main motivation for MD’s (other than the interest for the subject) is that the participation to these training events will have assigned professional credits.

For the participants from the governmental sector, directly facing these situations, attending the sessions is considered specific experience and in taking into account in the personal file.